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General Dentistry

Dental Fillings

Our office uses composite, tooth-colored fillings, rather than the metal-colored amalgam fillings.  This provides the best esthetic and functional outcome.

Complete & Partial Dentures

These are removable appliances to replace missing teeth.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

These are fixed, non-removable prosthetics to replace missing or damaged teeth.

Cleaning and Gum Treatment

Whether you need a regular or deep cleaning depends on your current gum health and condition. We can help you prevent, or manage gum disease.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whiter, brighter teeth are a great way to enhance your smile!  Our office is proud to offer KoR whitening systems for your whitest and brightest smile!  Proven effective for even the most stubborn stains and discolorations.  (Results may vary)

Our office provides Clear Correct, Invisalign, and traditional bracket braces to our patients.  We have your best smile and your best interests at heart; we require a consultation to determine if your orthodontic needs are within our scope.  Dr. Hanna has over 10 years of experience in placing braces, but will let you know if you need a referral to a specialist (an orthodontist) .

A diastema can be chic!  But if you prefer to close that space between your front teeth, we can help!  There are same-day methods for the correction of a diastema or other spaces between the teeth, such as veneers or bonding.  Traditional braces or clear aligner trays are also effective for closing spaces over a period of several months.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin, shell-like covers for your teeth.  These can be used for closing spaces in the teeth, or completely remodeling the look of your existing teeth.  An appropriate remedy for patients who want a new smile without the expense of crowns or implants.

Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding is similar to veneers in that the tooth is covered with a material that covers the existing teeth.  Bonding uses a composite material that is lighter and less hard (dense) than porcelain.

Oral Surgery

A dental implant is an ideal method of replacing missing teeth without a bridge or partial.  Non-removable dentures can be placed on multiple implants.

Having a "gummy" smile doesn't necessarily mean that one doesn't have any teeth; it just means that you may show a lot of your gums when you smile.  Lip repositioning can lessen the amount of gingiva (gums) that shows when you smile!

Every been accused of being, "tongue-tied?".  Well, it's actually a thing!  Sometimes the attachments that hold your tongue in place impair speech and the natural movement of the tongue.  The removal of this attachment can help fix these problems.

Also called gingivectomy, gum recontouring is the minor surgical removal of some of the gingiva that cover part of the tooth.  It can make a huge difference in your smile, and can be used on just one or two teeth to create symmetry with the gum contour of your other teeth.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth are also called, "3rd molars".  The removal of the wisdom teeth is common practice before having braces placed.  Impacted wisdom teeth are those which have not erupted and require a surgical removal.  We do those too! (Restrictions apply based on case-to-case basis.)

A biopsy is the surgical removal of a piece of tissue for analysis by a pathologist.  If your dentist is concerned about the nature and cellular activity of a lesion in the mouth or lips, they may recommend a biopsy to determine whether the tissue in question is cancerous or not.

Pre-prosthetic surgeries​

This encompasses a number of surgical procedures that prepare the mouth for a prosthetic appliance, like a complete or partial denture.

Sedation Dentistry

There are different levels of sedation that can be administered depending on the level of anxiety.  Your Dentist will determine whether or not a certain form of sedation is appropriate for your individual needs based on existing medical conditions and age (especially for oral and IV sedation). We do not provide oral or IV sedation for children 12 years of age or younger.

Nitrous Oxide - N2O 

(Laughing gas)

The most common, and mildest form of sedation.  Also called minimal sedation, nitrous oxide is suitable for most patients and does not require a "ride-home" afterward.

Intra Venous "IV" Conscious Sedation

Conscious IV sedation is the most effective, fast-acting, and controllable method of sedation. This form of sedation is used for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety.  An escort to and from the appointment is required, and patient must also be fasting prior to the procedure. 

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is administered in the form of a pill, taken about an hour before the procedure. Oral sedation is appropriate for moderate dental anxiety. This form of sedation requires an escort (ride-home) to and from the appointment.

Facial Esthetics

DOC offers high-quality products and skills to patients that want to take their self-confidence to a new level.  Botulinum toxin is used for the treatment of deep lines and wrinkles associated with muscle movement, and is also used therapeutically for pain management.  Not only can the results be profoundly satisfying, they can last up to 3 months (longer for those who use botulinum toxin regularly).  Dermal fillers are Hyaluronic Acid gel products that add fullness to facial folds and wrinkles, plump and sculpt lips, and much more.  Our Injectors are trained and certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, and use the most up-to-date safety and professional techniques.

We offer these brands of  botulinum toxins: Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin, & Dysport.  Our goal is to make your cosmetic and/or therapeutic goals possible with a range of botulinum toxins that differ in price, though not in quality or effectiveness!

Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Belotero Balance, & Restylane.  We believe that the product is just as individualized as the person!  Come in for a highly personalized consultation and discuss the various dermal fillers that we offer - together we will find the best product to help you achieve your esthetic goals.

IV Support

Why Are IV Supplements Better Than Oral Supplements?

When you take oral vitamins or supplements for health, you aren't getting the most benefit!

Bioavailability is the amount of a substance that actually gets into the bloodstream and to the target areas.

Oral supplements are convenient and less expensive, but they are minimally bioavailable. After you swallow your pills they are digested and your liver filters out much of the nutritional value; the result? Less of your supplement actually goes to the targeted area in your body to work! IV infusions are directly administered to the bloodstream and are highly bioavailable! Our Pharmacy partners provide FDA approved, sterile, pharmaceutical grade supplements for your benefit. Let our licensed Practitioners, Dr. Hanna & Nurse Katy, RN show you how relaxing and easy enhanced life supplementation can be!

Intravenous Injections (IM)


Powerful Antioxidant


Essential B vitamin for blood, brain, and nerve function

B Complex

Combo of essential B vitamins for overall health and wellness

Battery Pack

Energy boost without the wait. Contains B complex and B12 vitamins for enhanced energy levels

Intravenous Infusions (IV)

Immunity Boost

Combination of Vitamin C, Zinc, and B12


Energy Complex

Electrolytes, B12, and B-Complex


Hangover Help

Electrolytes, B12, B-Comple, Toradol for headache, and Zofran for nausea


Antioxidant Deluxe

Powerful combination of vitamin C, Glutathione, B-Complex, and B12


Post-Surgical Boost

Vitamin C and Lysine for wound-healing and immune system boost

TMD, Orofascial Pain, Headache & Dental Sleep Medicine

Did you know that there is an effective, long-term way to prevent and improve bruxism (grinding), and clenching?  Bruxism is a self-destructive behavior that results in damage to the teeth, and any fillings or restorative dental work - that means that your costly investment in your crowns, fillings, and bridges are at risk!  Botulinum toxin works by weakening the contractions and power of the muscles of mastication (chewing muscles in the face), which in turn diminishes the damage done to your teeth from unconscious grinding and clenching.  And while night-guards and anti-bruxing appliances are a useful option, botulinum toxin provides 24/7 protection, lasts up to 3 months, and may even help alleviate chronic headaches!

     We also offer sleep apnea /snoring /grinding /clenching appliances.

Dental Oral Care also provides chronic-pain relief therapy with Botulinum toxin!  Botulinum toxin, aka, botox, acts on the neuromuscular junction (where nerves meet the muscles) to reduce the force of contraction.  This means that if a chronic pain is from a muscle origin, the botox will reduce the activity of the muscle, thereby reducing the pain.  Using botulinum toxin and Lidocaine anesthetic for injection, we can introduce the therapeutic cocktail directly to source of the pain.  Once the Lidocaine has taken effect (made the site numb), we use a "dry needling" technique to break-up muscle fibers to promote healthy regeneration and release muscles that are "tight" after months or years of hyperactive contraction.  After a thorough assessment and consultation, the treatment is given according to your own, personal, individualized dosage and site injection mapping, so you only get what you need, where you need it.  This method (botulinum toxin injection) is used by Neurologists to treat chronic migraine headaches, and is now available to you for treatment of neck, shoulder, and orofacial pain.  Come in for a consultation and see how enjoyable life can be when your pain in controlled WITHOUT the use of harmful, habit forming narcotics and muscle relaxers.

                           Sleep in comfort                                                                  Wake up rested                                   


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