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W E L C O M E   T O
Dental Oral Care

To provide high-quality, comprehensive dental care to all people, taking into account the patient's personal needs and goals.  We believe that everyone should have access to the kind of dental services they want, in a comfortable and inviting environment, and at a cost they can afford.  Because of this, we strive to provide a variety of corrective, cosmetic, and preventive dental services at a single location, with the needs of the individual as the focus.

Dental care costs and dental "phobias" generally prevent people from seeking out dental care on a regular basis.  We at Dental Oral Care believe strongly that, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.".  We are working to ensure that our patients do not avoid regular dental check-ups and preventive measures out of fear or lack of financial ability.  Dental care is an essential component of overall health and well-being.

Our Team

We love our team!  The staff and Dentists at our clinic are incredibly qualified and share our standard of excellence, quality, and ideals.  Each member of the DOC team are passionate about providing "real dentistry" and are models of their field.  Professional, personable, and friendly; this is the DOC difference.

Meet our Doctor & staff


Confident Smiles For Everyone

Did you know that a smile means the same thing all over the world?  It is a non-verbal sign of happiness or friendliness! 

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